• Using Orchard {culture} routes

    As part of the upcoming Orchard CMS 1.9 release, a new feature crept in as part of the localization work that has happened on the 1.x branch, and that is the ability to specify the culture in the … more

    Tags: Localization, Orchard

  • Why do I Contribute to Open Source?

    Learning when you are younger is much more structured than learning when you leave School. When you are younger you are set a syllabus and told to learn that, if you want to branch out and learn your … more

    Tags: opensource

  • Orchard Forums: Where are we?

    One of the most requested features on the Orchard User Voice is a Forum module. Internet forums in the conventional sense is just a discussion site where people can post a question, receive an answer … more

    Tags: forums

  • AppFabric Caching in Orchard CMS

    A while ago I was commissioned to write a AppFabric Caching module for Onestop Internet Ltd, who have subsequently generously donated the module to the wider community. Well what is AppFabric … more

  • Hooking up MSTest to Specflow

    Open up the App.config file in your Test project and add <unitTestProvider name="MsTest" /> to the specFlow Element. The resulting XML should look like this... <?xml version="1.0" … more

    Tags: Specflow, Testing, BDD

  • Cannot set a value on node type 'Element'

    Dealing with XML can be a pain at the best of times, but running in to this error can be a pain… Why does it happen and what’s the fix? Why? You cant map to the value property on Element Nodes… You … more

  • 2011: My year in review

    Wow, what a year, lots done, lots learnt, lots left to do… Here what my year has been like… (I will keep updating it as I remember exactly what ive done, long year!)   ITV So lots have happened … more

  • Latest Orchard Forum Mock-Ups

    I thought a quick update to the community as to where I am with an Orchard Forum Module. I have not come too much further from my first post in terms of features ( … more

  • Your development team is slow.. What can you do?

    So you have a development team, yet turn around on a product is slow? You have heard the words agile and scrum, but there must be more? Here are a couple of areas that a development team should work … more

  • Orchard Forums.. Basic Functionality

    Forums seem to be a hot topic on the Orchard discussion boards so I thought why not take a crack at it? So what have I implemented so far? Well…. 1. Creation of a Forum.2. Creation of a Thread.3. … more

  • Linq2Twitter, Open Authentication module and Orchard CMS

    Note : The Open authentication module is a work in progress this may change, though I thought I would blog about it because I thought it was cool Also all code is on Dev branch at the moment. Linq2 … more

  • BlogML module v0.6 Release for Orchard v1.0

    Last night I released an update to my BlogML module for Orchard. This module allows you to import and export blogs from one site to another using the BlogML schema. So What are the new features? 1. … more

  • Starting work on OpenAuth module for Orchard CMS

    So I have thrown the Idea back and forth, and after deciding I wasn't going to do any work on Open ID for Orchard, I have changed my mind! So I have set up a new codeplex project called … more