2011: My year in review


Posted by admin on September 01, 2019

Wow, what a year, lots done, lots learnt, lots left to do… Here what my year has been like… (I will keep updating it as I remember exactly what ive done, long year!)


So lots have happened at ITV in the last year, to sum it up I took lead on delivering the .net solution for the ITV pay project, this was a huge deal for me as it is one of ITVs biggest projects, so for me to take lead on delivering it was big – but I couldn't have done it with out a great team behind me, and the fruits of our labour paid off when we saw pay content playing back thru the ITV player two days before Christmas, fantastic win.

Another big project for the .net team going forward is delivering a new pipeline for some new projects coming along, which is an exciting greenfield project, which means we start from the ground up.

Testing has also taken centre stage this year, I started teaching Feature File sessions which were fun and have been a massive driver behind pushing them to the rest of the business, but I have been so busy with my work in and out of ITV its been hard to fit them in, so something I must improve upon.

Mayneframe Computing

So in the later half of 2011 I started my own company called Mayneframe Computing (stole it from my dad) – I am still working out the details of where I want to take it, but its in a good position to deliver product in 2012.

Around the same time I landed a contract with a company in LA working on Orchard (more below), one of the sites is already live (http://www.spyoptic.com/) – with a few other ones to follow! – On top of that I am flying over to LA in a week to see them!! So stoked!!

I have another start-up in the fire with some friends delivering agile coaching, though this is just an idea at the moment… more about in the coming months!

Orchard Project

This year has been big in terms of Orchard for me – I have worked hard on delivering features to a brand new platform that is still being proved in the commercial sense. So what have I delivered this year?

(ripped from my CV)

Orchard Open Authentication – The aim of this project was to provide multiple authentication mechanisms to Orchard CMS. This project leveraged multiple 3rd party project including DotNetOpenAuth, Linq2Twitter, Facebook C# SDK, and Microsoft Connect (Live ID). http://orchardopenauth.codeplex.com/

Orchard Forums – This project provides a forums module to the Orchard CMS stack. http://orchardforums.codeplex.com/

(this was not)

In September there was a community election for the Orchard Steering Committee, and I was one of the five that got elected (http://www.orchardproject.net/about) which for me shows that my hard work has paid off, and its something I have been really proud of.

Other highlights

  • In May we went to Florida with some friends and saw others whist out there, Gary and Kim we love you guys!

  • Discovering a club with a hot-tub!!, and seeing Twickenham bridge at 5am.

  • Passed my Windows Forms Application Development Microsoft Exam.

  • Met my target for saving for the year.

  • Also been with Pens for 8 years. (This was added by request of the girlfriend!)