BlogML module for Orchard 0.8 CMS released

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Posted by admin on September 01, 2019

Codeplex site:

I have finally released the upgraded version of the BlogML module for all you happy bloggers. This version is intended to work only on Orchard 0.8, but never fear, there is still the 0.5 version of this module kicking around on the Codeplex website so you can export your blog's out in your own time.

The new version has a lot of bug fixes, though I have not been able to solve the problem with time-outs on large files. I have provided support for zip files containing more than one XML file, so you are more than welcome to give that a go instead.

If you need a walk through of the module, please refer to

Release notes:

  1. Upgraded to Orchard v0.8
  2. Changed all pages to use the Razor syntax
  3. Fixed bug that I was trying to import files that have no urls in, but this is actually correct behaviour, the code should have taken this in to account and used the title instead. Fix: Check for null urls, and use title instead.
  4. Forced hard refresh of Orchard after blog import – this will force orchard to refresh cache stash of slugs.
  5. Fixed issue where the date times would be overridden by orchard
  6. Changed the way information is reported back to the user. A report will now be generated, and only errors will be show on the admin screen.
  7. Provided support for zip files containing multiple xml files.