Get your Orchard site up and running with Microsoft Connect

#orchard #openauthentication

Posted by admin on September 01, 2019

So you want to install Microsoft connect and have Live Id running on your site. Now you can..

  1. Install the latest NGM.OpenAuthentication module in to Orchard.
  2. Enable OAuth from the Site Settings section.
  3. Pop over to Microsoft and get your client Id and secret key – entered this in to the site sections section, this will be visible after step 2.
  4. Let get the connect button into your site.

Load up the Layout.cshtml file.

Enter this in to the file WorkContext.Layout.Footer.Add(New.PartsLiveIdLogOn(), "15"); // Login

That's it, load up your site Smile

Click Connect..

now sign in, this will redirect you back to your site…

Now if you have already connected your account this will sign you in… else enter your details and sign in, this will associate your account to your Live Id account.

If you have no account and you choose to register, then your account will still get assigned to your local account.