How to get your Awesome Dev workspace for Orchard CMS up and running 101


Posted by admin on September 01, 2019

After watching twitter for the last couple of days, and with the additional of a couple other comments, I have decided to write this post.

What does this post assume… 2 things, You have Mercurial (+ Tortoise HG (Download Here)) and Visual Studio 2010.

Lets get going.

  1. Create a new folder structure that resembles this.. D:\BlogPosts\Orchard

  2. Right click on the Orchard Folder navigate via the sub menus to TortoiseHg –> Clone..

  3. Details are..


    Destination: D:\BlogPosts\Orchard

    Hit Clone (This will take a while so make a cup of tea :))

  4. Navigate to D:\BlogPosts\Orchard\src\ and open up Orchard.sln in Visual Studio

  5. Hit F5 in Visual Studio

  6. Welcome to Orchard.

Time to create your own area to allow easy maintenance.

  1. Copy and paste Orchard.sln – rename Copy of Orchard.sln to MyNewAwesomeOrchardInstance.sln – Why do this? Its important to allow you to decrease merge pain from the main repo further down the line.

  2. Check in to your new repo thru the Tortoise Workbench - Always use your new solution.