Orchard Forums.. Basic Functionality

Forums seem to be a hot topic on the Orchard discussion boards so I thought why not take a crack at it?

So what have I implemented so far? Well….

1. Creation of a Forum.
2. Creation of a Thread.
3. Reply to a Thread – i.e. creation of a Post
4. Reply to a Post – i.e. threaded posts.
5. Basic security

So here are some screenies of what I have working… this is early days and comments and feedback most definitely wanted Smile

1. Create Forum
Clicking on ‘Forum’ With bring you to a create Forum page – Here you can specify a Title, Body (description of forum) and everything else… You could compare this to setting up a blog


2. Create Thread
Now lets create a Thread
Navigate to your Forum (I clicked ‘show on main menu’ to make my life a little easier on the previous step)

Fill out your stuff for your Thread..


I asked a simple question ‘Who' own’s the moon?’


On the main forum page… you can now see the thread appear


If you navigate to http://localhost:30320/OrchardLocal/forums then you will be able to see a list of all forums with Thread and Post counts updated..


3. Reply to a Thread
Now lets reply to this, ‘Click the reply button’


Fill out an answer… and click ‘Save’


As you can see this is now attached to the Thread.


So I know this is just basic functionality but its a start… To code is located on Codeplex here. http://orchardforums.codeplex.com/ Download and have a play



  • Skywalker said

    A Forum module is definitely wanted and I'm happy that you took the initiative. Within a few months I will have the need of a forum and will use this module. Keep up the great work!

  • Wim Tilburgs said

    Great to have a forum for Orchard. We realy need one for the Dutch Orchard Community www.orchardcms.nl. When do you think we could put it on the site. Thx for building it.


  • admin said

    @Yohann, not long - im still working on it, but what you see above took about 3 weekends off and on

  • Glen said

    I'm implementing and works great. One feature request would be to have nested categories (forums).

    >Main Forum (Company Name, etc.)
    > Product Name X (Category)
    > Feature Requests (Forum)
    > Version 1 Support (Forum)
    > Version 2 Support (Forum)
    > Product Name Y
    > Feature Requests (Forum)
    > Support Tickets (Forum)

    Also, I commented out some code where you place all the re: titles for each reply in the zone sub-page-title.

    Great job and thanks for sharing!!

  • admin said

    @Glen, I have also commented out the 'RE:' part, and cleaned up the css around this.

    Also one of things I do want to do is the categories stuff, but I may do that after the next release.


  • Dave said

    I have downloaded and created the forum module in my orchard project and i have added a new thread and post under admin user and also added a new thread test using the same user,
    But when i am clicking on last post its giving following error

    //System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains more than one element

    var threadPath = forumPart.As<IRoutableAspect>().GetChildPath(slug);
    Line 44:
    Line 45: return _contentManager.Query(versionOptions, ContentPartConstants.Thread).Join<RoutePartRecord>().Where(rr => rr.Path == threadPath).
    Line 46: Join<CommonPartRecord>().Where(cr => cr.Container == forumPart.Record.ContentItemRecord).List().
    Line 47: SingleOrDefault().As<ThreadPart>();

    // Source File: r:\Orchard\src\Orchard.Web\Modules\NGM.Forum\Services\ThreadService.cs Line: 45

  • Abhishek Luv said

    with which version of orchard this module works fine..bcz i am using v1.3 in webmatrix...n its not working properly plzz help mee thanks nicholas

  • admin said

    Hi guys, I cant reproduce your symptoms!!...

    If you can try the dev branch that would be awesome.

    I will try and release an update in a day or two fro mthe dev branch.. hopefully that should help.

    Cheers Nick

  • Bug said

    I create a forum and a thread in it. after a few minutes, I navigate to it's permanent link. I can see the thread and list of the posts. when I click on a post I cannot see it. I also don't see the REPLY and other buttons!

  • Candice said

    Are you planning to publish a newer version of the forum which does not have the current issues?

  • admin said

    Hi Candice, I am planning on doing alot more work on this module, though I have not had any free time to do this. Once I get some free time I will push a new release.

    Contributions are always welcome on my codeplex site orchardforums.codeplex.com


  • Aaron said

    what's the safest way to stylize your module? i'm first attempting to change the css in my override.css. i want to target the forum title, type, is closed, is sticky, body elements. none of these have much specificity to class or ids since they are rendered from a default view. i'd really prefer to add some CSS ids and classes to these elements but am unsure how to do so and stay "upgrade safe" at the same time.

  • Jurgen Stillaert said

    I have installed the voting and forum modules. But I have no menu item in the admin menu. I am using Orchard 4.1. Any clue?

  • Brendon Ely said

    I have also installed this module on 1.4.1 with no admin menu item showing, as anyone found a resolution to this problem?

  • Ambor said

    Same here on version 1.4.2, it does not show on admin menu, even after installing Voting module, Content counter module. It shows as installed in features, however not a clue how to create forum without having the item "Forum" in the admin menu list. :(

  • admin said

    Hi Chaps, seems to be a problem with migrations. I will look in to it, but the chances are that this module needs alot of work.

    I will keep everyone uptodate with how it goes on my blog.


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