Sneak Peek Orchard CMS playing nicely with my Social and Open Authentication modules

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Posted by admin on September 01, 2019

Okay so for a while I have been working on my Open Authentication module which I am sure a lot of you are sick of hearing about… But now I have started working on a Social module that utilises my Open auth mod. Here are some screen shots that might get some creative juices flowing!!


My Social module so far has added three widgets..

1. A Twitter Timeline widget
2. A Twitter Status Update widget
3. Microsoft Connect Contact List widget

Once added to necessary zones, and using my Open authentication module to associate my external accounts to my orchard account.. lets see what happens!!

1. A view logged out of the home page which what looks to be a blog? and a twitter timeline….


So lets click on that fancy ‘Microsoft Connect’ logon button

2. After typing my password and email in…. here is the results…


You have the Twitter status update on the top right… you also have the Microsoft Connect contact list down the bottom…

So far… not far for a Sunday right?

Lets me have you thoughts people!??