Starting work on OpenAuth module for Orchard CMS

So I have thrown the Idea back and forth, and after deciding I wasn't going to do any work on Open ID for Orchard, I have changed my mind! So I have set up a new codeplex project called orchardopenauth (

The first goal is to get an extensible Open ID implementation working inside of Orchard without having to change any of the Orchard base code.

If anyone would like in.. give me a shout – Either by email or twitter (@NicholasMayne)

Why OpenAuth? Why NOT OpenID?

Open ID is small part to a very large piece of the puzzle. I want this module to be more than just about Open ID, eventually I see a full implementation of the DotNetOpenAuth project within the Orchard Framework, though these are early days and I have only just started.

Any ideas!.. or feedback, please let me know!


  • Jonathon Kresner said

    Going to be following your work closely on this one. Very keen to get my hands on a finished module in this space! Good luck. Jon

  • Jay said

    Sounds promising! Are you planing to support authentication against AD too? Best regards

  • admin said

    @Jay - This is a very good point. The road map is to have OpenID as a first step, the final goal is to have the full DotNetOpenAuth stack implemented in Orchard, though With AD and the such, there is no reason why I shouldn't include them in there, after all - they are just different authentication mechanisms. If you would like to help out? or contribute any AD stuff, then please do!! I am only saying OpenID as a first step because I am the only one currently active working on the solution, with more people I would love to widen the goal and implement more stuff sooner :). Hope that answers you question??

  • Restuta said

    Awesome news! We were going to build our own in two moths to use in our project. Seems you are doing job for us =) Thank you very much, just can't wait until you'll finish it. Btw, I can participate if you will make in OpenSource.

  • admin said

    @Resuta - The project is already open source!! See - Download the source and play... If you want to contribute, drop me a line at and we can talk about how to proceed... sound cool??? Nick

  • Jay said

    @Nick: Thanks for your email. I'm quite busy, therefore I needed some time to reply. Sorry about that. I would really like to contribute some code or expertise but first I need to delve into MVC and Orchard. I hope to get to know Orchard during semester break but my job could thwart my plans. Nevertheless, if I have some time I will contribute code or anything else. Best regards

  • Jason Bunting said

    I desperately wish I had time to participate in all of the open-source projects I love, but I don't. But I will say that I encourage this module, and OpenID. Lately I have been reading some posts/tweets about people thinking OpenID is useless or garbage, etc. but I think it's great and wholeheartedly encourage it. Thank you for taking up this cause - if I ever have any time to donate to it, I will try! Have you spoken with the Orchard team about this? I wonder if they would be willing to help... I know they are pretty busy as it is, but maybe they would help since a module like this would be a fairly core piece that nearly everyone would benefit from (i.e. it's not that niche).

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