Why do Microsoft not put more effort in to Orchard instead of using Word press?


Posted by admin on September 01, 2019

Today I make my rounds on the usual sites to catch up with the likes of techie news and the such and I see great news that Microsoft has decided to axe Windows Live Spaces (http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-20017745-56.html?tag=topTechContentWrap;editorPicks) though I think this is a partially good idea, I cant understand there reasoning behind wanting to move to word press.

Word press granted is a very mature blogging tool, and Orchard on the other hand is very young, but If I was Microsoft I would have taken what I had learned and moved it in to Orchard, instead of moving users to a aging word press platform.

Orchard to me is a very young system and has a long way to go, but surely Microsoft should decide that this is the way to go and get more people behind this open source project.

Rant Over….