• Orchard v0.8 Released

    Well we have all been waiting for it!… Orchard v0.8 is released, excellent. Thanks a lot to the Orchard team, cant wait to dig my teeth in, and migrate my blog up to v0.8 from v0.5 (hoping there is a … more

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  • Taking a quick peek at Pre-Orchard v0.8

    Okay, So i couldn't wait. I haven't downloaded the source code in a while and thought why not take a peek around. I think the Orchard team has focused mainly on striping out their old theme engine … more

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  • What is Orchard CMS v0.5 missing

    After working with Orchard for 10 months and talking to various people from the community via email and message boards, I thought I would write a post on what I think is missing, and in some places a … more

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  • BlogML module for Orchard 0.5 CMS now available

    Codeplex site: What is BlogML? BlogML is an open format derived from XML to store and restore the contents of a blog from one location to another. Is BlogML open … more

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  • Upgrading my blog from Wordpress to Orchard 0.5

    Well, I have done it!! Nick Mayne is no longer a word press member, instead I have bought in to this new CMS system called Orchard. The Orchard system however is not that new to me as I have been … more

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  • Custom Home Page Provider for Static Pages in Orchard

    Orchard is built with a home page provider pattern so that you can say this content item is the home page. The problem is if your homepage is something that doesn't exist as a content item.. i.e. a … more

  • Custom Redirect Results in Asp.Net MVC

    So after writing lots of code with return new redirect(“”) or RedirectToRoute etc, I decided i had had enough, and thought it would be a little nicer to have something return that made sense and … more

  • AttachUpdated command for Entity Framework

    So who here has tried to get an entity that is disconnected reattached with all relevant references updated? I know i have… And after scouting the web for solution after solution here are the set of … more

  • Making menus in Orchard a little better

    After keeping an eye on the Orchard forums and then doing some work on a clients website that has been implemented in Orchard, I soon became one of those people needing a decent menu. So, I thought … more

  • Twitter Tweet Tweet Just Joined

    Hey all… I have just joined Twitter!!.. if you wish to follow… See you there! :) more

  • Orchard CMS - Simple Profile Package

    I started to do some work on profiles for a site we were building at work, and then we decided to jump ship on to Orchard. While Profiles haven't really been asked for as a requirement at work, i … more

  • Off Travelling – Take 2

    Well I have handed my notice in at work to embark on a new travelling experience with Penny… Here is the planned itinerary… Fly to Boston… Spend a couple nights there Next onwards to Maine… I … more

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  • Complete Regular Expression for URL’s

    Today I was looking for a IsUrl(string) method to verify if a string is a URL or not and stumbled across this regex…. Make sure you have your hard … more

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  • ObjectContextScope – Entity Framework v1

    A while ago I had written some code to cope with the ever annoying issue on entities existing in different scopes… The problem is that one scope would not know if it was wrapped up in another scope, … more

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  • Orchard CMS

    Recently I have had the opportunity to give the new CMS system that Microsoft are building a test drive… and I must say… interesting stuff. The new open source CMS is built in MVC which … more

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  • The Translator/Mapper Pattern

    This week while working on a project for work, I came across the need to take data from one object and map this to another similar object, not the same type of object but similar attributes. I have … more

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