• Using Orchard {culture} routes

    As part of the upcoming Orchard CMS 1.9 release, a new feature crept in as part of the localization work that has happened on the 1.x branch, and that is the ability to specify the culture in the … more

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  • Orchard v0.8 Released

    Well we have all been waiting for it!… Orchard v0.8 is released, excellent. Thanks a lot to the Orchard team, cant wait to dig my teeth in, and migrate my blog up to v0.8 from v0.5 (hoping there is a … more

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  • Taking a quick peek at Pre-Orchard v0.8

    Okay, So i couldn't wait. I haven't downloaded the source code in a while and thought why not take a peek around. I think the Orchard team has focused mainly on striping out their old theme engine … more

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  • What is Orchard CMS v0.5 missing

    After working with Orchard for 10 months and talking to various people from the community via email and message boards, I thought I would write a post on what I think is missing, and in some places a … more

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  • BlogML module for Orchard 0.5 CMS now available

    Codeplex site: http://orchardblogml.codeplex.com What is BlogML? BlogML is an open format derived from XML to store and restore the contents of a blog from one location to another. Is BlogML open … more

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  • Upgrading my blog from Wordpress to Orchard 0.5

    Well, I have done it!! Nick Mayne is no longer a word press member, instead I have bought in to this new CMS system called Orchard. The Orchard system however is not that new to me as I have been … more

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  • Orchard CMS

    Recently I have had the opportunity to give the new CMS system that Microsoft are building a test drive… and I must say… interesting stuff. The new open source CMS is built in ASP.net MVC which … more

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