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Posted by admin on September 01, 2019

I thought a quick update to the community as to where I am with an Orchard Forum Module. I have not come too much further from my first post in terms of features (/memorystream/orchard-forums..-basic-functionality) but instead I have worked on more core issues rather than bulking out functionality as Orchard is about building modules right? so functionality can always be added later on.

So what do I have that’s new from the first post?

1. Enhanced Security – Still a work in progress.
2. Basic Styling – (Screenshots below).
3. Ability to Close a Thread or Forum.
4. Ability to mark a Thread as Sticky.
5. Ability to mark a Thread as a ‘Question’ or ‘Discussion’  - functionality to mark a post as a question is not there yet.
6. Show the Latest Post at both the Forum level and the Thread level.

Okay so here are some mock-ups. Feedback welcome!! (FYI Code:


A list of all forums



A list of threads under a forum.



A list of Posts under a thread


So how do you mark a Thread as Sticky or Closed?

You need one of the two permissions ManageStickyThread or ManageOpenCloseThread – If you have one of these permissions then when you Create/Edit a thread then you will be able to see these options.


The Is Closed marker stops replies to Posts within the individual Thread
The Is Sticky marker but that thread at the top of the list of threads.

Where am I headed next?

1. Flag a post/thread for moderation – this includes a admin screen.
2. Move a thread to a different Forum

What am I thinking about?

1. Adding a category to a forum, so you can list Forums by category.
2. Easier method to reply to a post
3. Notes as to why a moderator would ‘Close’ or take action i.e. move thread – more information back to user.

Let me know what you think – download the code and play.